Saturday, August 23, 2014

Who am I?

The great challenge we each face is discovering who we are, finding our identity.  Many get lost in the quest and sink into depression not knowing how to answer this critical question, "Who am I?"

I'm thinking about this today and like many of you have thought about identity and purpose most of my life, trying to discover who I am. What am I here for? What's my value and purpose in this world?  It's a quest we all begin, but along the road to the answer many have simply given up.  This morning may I offer a few thoughts for you to consider on your quest for the answer?

I am a nobody to the world around me, BUT the creator of the universe knows my name and loves me. In fact he wrote my name in a book before he made the universe!  Isn't that amazing?

I am mortal, dying a bit each day, BUT eternal life awaits my departure from this shadow of life.

I am fallen, a sinner by nature and really good at it, BUT the God who made me has forgiven ALL my sins because I have trusted Christ and what he did on the cross.  In fact, he has chosen to forget all my sins and faults! 

I am often depressed, discouraged, frustrated, angry, BUT all that causes those emotions will be swept away with an eternal joy that will make them a forgotten memory of days long ago.

I am not handsome or good looking....most of us aren't according to the world's standards, BUT the creator of the universe designed me and he really likes what he made!

I am weak and often fearful BUT I stand on a rock that can never be shaken, Jesus Christ, and my fears will seem like childish nightmares as I trust him more.

This contrast could go on for volumes.  There is so much to say on this topic, but let me challenge you to find the answer for this question in God's word.  Most of us look to the world for our answers and they have none, but God has answered the question, "who am I?" with a clarity that will make you smile each time you discover another thread of the tapestry that describes you in his eyes.

I am HIS child, an eternal son of God, an heir to all that Christ is promised.  I am part of an eternal kingdom and have the great joy of approaching the creator of the universe anytime I wish simply to talk.  I am loved, watched and cared for every moment by God. I am constantly prayed for by Jesus himself. I am in-dwelt by God's Spirit who guides and guarantees his promises.  

Who am I?  I am richly blessed and owned by the God of creation! 

That's who I am.

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