Sunday, August 07, 2011


Yesterday the Governor of Texas held a prayer rally. It's fascinating the ridicule I have read about this event. To simply gather people to pray is now mocked and joked about by many in our culture, but prayer is the one thing we most need!

God said to Jeremiah, "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." God invites us to pray and ask for his help in our difficult days, actually in all our days, but difficult days draw us to him when we have exhausted all other resources.

We jokingly say, "PRAY? Has it come to that?" But prayer, an appeal to the God of the universe for his help, is the most important thing we can and should do. God is more than able to help....if we will ask. Why does it seem that prayer is often our last resort when it should be our first response?

If God is who he says he is and is able to do all we read about in the bible then he can do the same things today, right? If he can't then God has changed and if he can change then he's not God. So, what is missing in all of this? Is it God's weakness, or as the atheist would say God's absence that is the problem? Or, may I offer a third choice...could it be God's people not asking for his help, his hand in our lives, our culture, our country? I believe our great need is for God's people to pray.

God is there and he's not silent. He's fully able to help, fully ready. Will we ask him?


Brent said...

With all due respect, Mike, I've read MANY accounts of the event held yesterday and I don't think it was the idea that people were mocking and joking about prayer.

I think people were suspicious of a key political leader using prayer as the guise for a political rally to garner a segment of the voting populace.

That said, we're in agreement about the importance of prayer. If His people are praying as much as they're whining about our current president in any and all social media, we're in great shape. Unfortunately, my guess is that isn't the case.

Mike Messerli said...

Brent, I'm writing my thoughts based on comments I have read. I guess we aren't reading the same articles.