Saturday, September 29, 2018

She laughed!

She has Alzheimer's.  She hasn't spoken or interacted with another human for as long as I've known her.  She sleeps all the time! 

But I discovered from her daughter that she is a Christian, loved studying the bible and had a passion for singing.  She loved the old hymns.

She lives in a facility I visit weekly.  I spend time with this sweet lady every time I am there.  This week I arrived as the facility sang hymns in the great room with the patients.  

My friend was there, asleep in her chair, as usual.  I sat with her and told her, "let's sing along!"  And I did!  No one would want to hear me sing, but I knew she wouldn't complain.  As each hymn concluded I spoke to my friend about our hope, about the great day when there will be "no more crying, tears or sorrow."  

At the end of one song that spoke of the great day when Christ will return I told my friend,  "won't it be wonderful when we have our new bodies, no more pain, no sorrow, we can run and jump and dance together!  Won't that be glorious? I can't wait."  

And she laughed!  SHE LAUGHED!!

I couldn't believe it, but I knew what she laughed about.  She was thinking of that great day too.  The day when we will see Jesus.

Having a hope is a wonderful thing, but it's even more glorious when the transformation will be as grand as the one my friend will experience.  I can't wait for the day when I see her running and leaping and praising God.  On that day I will laugh with her.

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TravelinGma said...

Thank you, Mike. She's still in that body for a while longer and she managed to let you know. What a wonderful thing to witness.