Monday, June 26, 2017

Time and Eternity

Time means change
Friends leave
Others die
Life changes

Time means uncertainty
Jobs fail
Health declines
Eyes dim
Hearing fades
Hearts falter

Time reveals how temporary
really am
How temporary we all are

Time shows me how little I know
When I think I understand
I suddenly discover
I was only just beginning

Time means this is not the end
Time is the ongoing change and decline
of all we know, all we trust
It's all fading
all failing
all rusting away...

Time means loss
Loss of friends
loss of family
loss of health
loss of......everything!

But ahead of us is something
time cannot touch
It's called Eternity

Eternity will be the day
when time no longer exists
when all that time does well
will no longer be part of reality

The first day of eternity will be
the last day of time

It means that none of the things
time does so well
will ever touch us again

It means the eternal one has finally 
won the day and the day will be no more

Eternity will be the final bell on time 
and all that time contains

And it will be wonderful!

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Very nice