Tuesday, May 30, 2017

He's on your side!

"Do not be afraid, for I am with you."
-God, Isaiah 43:5

Do  you realize the "why" is often more important than the "what?"

Why would I worry about money IF I have millions in the bank?

Why wouldn't I enjoy life IF I knew everything would work out?

The why of things makes the what easy!  If my "why" has enough substance then my "what" will be much easier.

And so, God gives us this simple what:

"Do not be afraid"

It's a big what really!  Imagine someone saying that to you in the midst of a tornado.  Don't be afraid? 

Are you crazy? Do you see the storm around us?  

But what if the "why" made their "what" perfectly reasonable?  What if...after you tell me something like that....your reason I can do that makes me reply, "Ohhhh, of course, I can do that!"

Why shouldn't I be afraid?  BECAUSE GOD (you know...the one who made everything...the one who is in control of everything....the only God who can do anything...you know..that one)...because God is with you.

If you have that "why" then the "what" is really pretty small, isn't it?

As my dear mom reminds me when we talk, "Don't forget, God is on your side, he's for you!" 

Now, relax, enjoy your day.  There's an amazing God ruling and reigning....don't worry.

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