Thursday, June 18, 2015


Father's day is coming this Sunday.  

It's a day when we remember and celebrate dads.  

It's a day when we go out to lunch to celebrate dad and let him buy the lunch.

I've been thinking about my own dad and my role as a dad as well.  My dad died a couple years ago.  I miss him.  He was the one who taught me most of what I know about being a dad.  He was a great dad and did his best to help me grow into a godly man and a dad my kids would remember fondly.  

No dad is perfect.  Mine wasn't. Neither am I.  We are all broken, fallen, trying to be what we know we should be and often failing, but my dad lived well.  He finished well.  He loved God, loved my mom and loved us.

I am trying to do the same thing.  

I'm trying to live in a way that my kids and grandkids will smile when they remember me.  

I'm trying to live out my faith in a way they will know I loved God and showed them how to do it as well.

Of all the things my dad had I only have one thing.  I have his pocket knife.  It's a small swiss knife he bought in Europe and he carried it all the time.  It's worn.  The blade has been sharpened many times.  It's in my pocket.  I think of dad when I reach into my pocket for something else....there it is.

It's not the knife that's important, but who owned it.  It belonged to my dad.  I'm honored to be his son.  I hope I live out what a dad should be and know my kids are thankful I was their dad.

Happy father's day.

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