Saturday, January 19, 2013

The quest to see

Photo by: Andrzej Radka 

I've been thinking about my own quest to see, my passion to know the truth of who I am, who made me, why I'm here.....and ultimately what I'm supposed to be doing with this gift of life.  

We only have a few decades of life and then we are gone.  Why are we here?  What is this all about?  Those questions and others are answered with authority from a thousand different sources.  All of them claim to know the meaning of life...why we are here, what it's all about.  The voices are as varied as you could possibly imagine.  There is no other topic on our planet that has such varied answers as the topic of purpose.

And so we each find ourselves on a quest to know who made us and why.  We each seek purpose, meaning, value in this life.  We are all on a quest to see.  Some will tell you there's nothing to see, don't even bother.  Others tell you they have the answers so you don't need to go on the quest at all, just sit at their feet and they will tell you about the light, about the meaning of life.  Still others will say that the quest itself is the goal and seeing isn't important, but I would counter then why go at all?  A quest without a goal is just a walk in the woods.  

The quest to see is born in us all.  Some are passionate about seeing and knowing, others have given us claiming no one can know...and on it goes...but here's the one thing I want to say today as I write these words...the very fact that you want to know why you are here means there is a reason, there is a purpose and it's not in you, you have to seek it.

I'm sure there are readers who would expect me, as a Christian, to now tell you what the quest is all about, what you will see at the end, why you are here.  I'm not going to do that.  My invitation is simple, it's it is:  you are here on purpose.  You life has meaning and a reason.  Find out what it is, find out who or what made you, seek it out.  Don't just take the word of some pastor or professor in university, go on the quest yourself!

We are here for a reason.  I invite you on the quest to see and know why.....

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