Friday, January 07, 2011

Hard hearts

Reflections on the day- I'm not often surprised. I've seen and heard about everything, but one thing that always surprises me is the hardness of the human heart. This afternoon another staff member and I went to visit a man who had visited our church last week. He is a friend of one of our men. He is visiting from another state. His friend told us he was touched by the sermon last Sunday and was interested in visiting. We went to the house and met this 52 year old man who is dying of cancer. He has cancer in every major organ and this visit was his last one with his friend. We talked about life, death and eternity. We talked about what Christ did on the cross. We talked about the impossibility of saving ourselves. We talked about salvation. This dear man has a short time to live with eternity facing him, but when I asked, "Will you trust Christ as your savior? Would you like to know for sure what is ahead for you?" He replied, "Not right now...." Death rushing at him, an unknown eternity ahead and he tells me, "Not right now." I was grieved. I was sad. I am sad. His life is rich with bad choices. His years have been spent in prison. His face is aged beyond his years. But the saddest reality is his hard heart. I left him with these words, "You know, life is far too short and eternity is forever. Death is looming in front of you. Please don't wait too long to make this decision. It's far too important." I thought, as we left the house, how sad that he would turn down God's free gift of eternal life with death so near. How sad we can harden our hearts to God's amazing love and risk eternal loss. I will be praying for my new friend. I told him I want to see him in eternity. I told him not to wait too long. I hope he does accept God's amazing gift before he has no more choices.

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Anonymous said...

7 billion in 2011. Only 1 billion in 1800 and 2 billion in 1900.
Population explosion is a clue::::The gods are sending everyone back for The End.
There must be some purgatory-like place. Or individual. Like an animal.
Now the gods have sent everyone back to try for one final time to fix their problems and ascend into heaven. Avoiding an animal would have been a big positive because those thrust into this decayed enviornment have less of a chance than those who enjoyed the god's generosity of a slowly decaying enviornment with frightening clues, like the Depression, World at War, the Holocaust, etc.
Anything that can get the poeple frightened and praying is a good. thing. Contentment never motivated anyone.

As we approach the Apocalypse the gods are removing "wrath of god" material from xtian dogma.
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xtianity has changed radically in the 20th century, and everyone should be mindful of the way it was, because the people are in a process of slipping out of god's favor into a state of Damnation, from which the vast majority will never survive.
They used to scare people and make them too afraid to make mistakes. Now people aren't afraid of anything and don't think twice about doing something wicked and evil which will hurt their chances.

Good god says a ceiling on time for everyone (see below). Evil god still gives hope for immortality to people who subscribed to preditory behavior:::Immortality if you are right versus a couple centuries partying at best even if you change now.
Due to institutional evil the closer we get to The End the more evil everyone incurrs (with individual variation due to behavior) which limits the time for everyone.
Probably the children who fix their problems and ascend into heaven as well. Experiencing the evil of modern life in the 20th century costed them, for which limits are placed. They are not the same as their innocent peasantry ancestors from the Old World.
You people have fucked up bad by not getting out before the 20th century.
Just because the gods have to break some eggs doesn't mean they are evil. As management there are hard decisions that must be made. But they used this omelette and sold it to people as temptation, who went out and did things they shouldn't have done thinking being preditory was the way to "earn" their way into heaven.

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If people only understood the importance of good parents. You won't be going anywhere without them. And it won't happen unless you are one first.
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