Sunday, December 29, 2019

A ways away and a while ago

This morning our pastor worked through a passage in Joshua 3. It was a great message on God's leading, our obedience and how we can walk with him in faith. As he worked through the passage it was clear that the miracle they experienced had happened "a ways away and a while ago." In other words the miracle had happened hours or days before and they became aware of it when the results of the miracle became visible to them. How often do we see something God has been working on for a long time? It's been in the works and only now fact most of his works are like that...a miracle for us, but a work of God done before we ever saw it. Just because you don't see the results of your faith and God's promises doesn't mean anything, just wait....he's probably happened a ways away and a while ago and is just now getting to your need. Are you aware God's timing is always perfect? You will see his love revealed in time in history....just wait.

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