Thursday, November 16, 2017

in 1,000,000 years

Today you worry about so much. You're distracted by fears, worry, anxiety, concerns over money, the economy, the government, the future....

...But in 1,000,000 years what will be your thoughts about these things?  Will you even remember this moment of anxiety and fear?  Will you be embarrassed by your lack of trust in God?  

Moments seem overwhelming, but when you bring God into the moment everything changes.  Yes, it might be hard right now.  Yes, there may be pain, suffering, loss, doubt and sadness....but we aren't done yet.  All of this is part of a grand plan by a glorious God.

You see, the God of creation is in charge and the outcome will surprise you.  Take a moment, yes, this moment you are so worried about and turn it over to the God of eternity.  Did you forget about him?  Did you think he didn't care?

He's waiting to walk with you, to help you, to meet you in this moment, no matter what the pain may be.  God loves you and he is working on something amazing.

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