Monday, October 02, 2017

Small graces

They are easy to miss.  Life is so busy. But God provides small graces each day to reveal himself, his love and his presence.  Most rush right past them.  There are meetings to attend, paperwork to do, babies to hold, kids to shuttle.

But be careful.  In the rush of life you will easily miss the small graces of God's presence, the thin places where he makes himself know, where he smiles at you, shows his love.  They are like gentle whispers.  They won't force their way into your attention, but they are all around you.

These sweet graces begin early.  A bird singing.  God took care of that bird through the night and he is singing of God's care and provision.  Did you hear it?

The sun came up.  Without a sound it declared that God is faithful, caring and providing for us.

Hopefully you were able to eat something to begin your day.  It's part of the daily bread thing God talks about.  He provides it for the saint and the sinner.  

Small graces.  Don't rush through your day too quickly.  You will miss them and in doing so you will miss God.

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