Friday, May 15, 2015


We have been gone to visit family for about two weeks now.  It's been a great trip, but very tiring.  

About an hour ago we finally got home.  What a great word that is.....home.  It's messy, dirty, cluttered, the garage had flooded while we were gone, there's a musty smell in the air.....but it's home.

It's a place where we can be ourselves, relax, let our hair down and close out the world.  It's a place where no one cares about our mess and if they do they don't have to come over.  It's a sanctuary.  A place where you can be you.

I can't tell you the joy of sitting down in my recliner, putting the foot rest up and leaning back.  

Ahhhhh....what a great place.  Home.

I think God knows how much we need a place, a home, so he's planning ahead, construction is already underway for a home we will never have to leave.  A place of rest. A place we belong. A place where we can be ourselves...finally be who God meant us to be.

Home.  What a great place that is, what a great hope we have.

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