Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Someone will do it

Don't you hate it when you see yourself in the actions of one of the "bad guys" of the bible?  Jesus tells parables that cut across cultural lines, nationality and time.  It's these parables and stories that cut to the heart of our actions and lives.

This morning I woke at 3am.  I couldn't sleep any longer.  I woke praying for a widow in need that I had just talked with hours before.  I couldn't help her with her needs, but I wasn't comfortable with that as the end of the story.  It's uncomfortable seeing yourself as one of the bad guys in the parables as I just walk by a need, a person lying by the side of the road.

But you would reply, and so do I, "we can't help everyone" and that's true....and yet, when you walk by a need do you think, "someone will do it"?  This morning I realize that I'm someone.  I don't want to be the priest who just walks by on the other side of the road, but what can I do?  When needs are all around, when people are crying for help, what can I do?  What should I do?

The Good Samaritan felt compassion and it moved him to action.  He used what he had and met the need as best he could.  Can I do less?  To just walk by and pacify my conscience with the thought, "Someone will do it...."  simply won't satisfy this morning, so I am seeking God's provision for one by the side of the road......

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