Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thoughts on a Wednesday morning

I must admit I'm finding it hard to write these days.  My thoughts wander and I struggle to find my passions.  Before I began these thoughts this morning I stopped by Facebook.  It seems thoughtful discussions, photos of babies and stories of good things are gone. Now all I read are words of fear, anger, hatred. What happened?  Were those thoughts and feelings always there and just now erupting?  I think that is probably the truth of it.  In days past these were thoughts reserved for a personal journal, but now they are vomited on Facebook for the world to read.  I do wish the false words of "we must love one another" were really lived out, but I fear few even know what that would look like in our day today.  What would it look like for me to love well? It sure wouldn't include angry words or thoughts that cause fear. It would be an intentional desire to encourage, help and support others.  But I find that in few places in our culture.  It seems we use the words "love one another" but have no idea what that looks like lived out.  It makes me reflect on Jesus' profound question,  "When the son of man returns will he find faith on the earth?"  It seems we are quickly losing the very threads that have woven us together as a human race!  With fear dominating our culture love and faith fade.  Next stop?  Anarchy.  I guess it's time for more prayer.  May I be one person who looks for ways to love and care for others well. May I, as Paul invited us all, be an imitator of Christ and walk in love.

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