Friday, October 07, 2016


We are having foundation work done on our house.  It's very unsettling and very expensive.  But, it must be done.

This morning, as we wait for them to come back for the work inside the house I'm thinking of a few proverbs that speak about foundations.  For example,

When the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?

Without a good foundation for a house, a life, a country collapse is the inevitable outcome.  

Jesus spoke of foundation building as well.  He described it as a contrast between a wise man and a fool.  The wise man digs down to the rock to build.  The fool builds on sand.

Foundations are essential.  Without them we find a house, a life and a nation will shift and crack, settle and fail.  But where do we start?

As we spend tons of money on our house and invest in its stability I realize this must be individual first.  I must build on the rock personally before I can help someone else with their construction.

What is the foundation?  What do we build on?  That is the critical question, isn't it?  One man will build his life on success and money.  Another will build it on fame.  Some are betting it all on politics.  

But for me and my house we will build our foundation on the God of the bible.  The God who made heaven and earth.  The God who loves us and became man, died and rose again to prove his love.  That's my foundation.  So far, in my spiritual house, my life of 65 years, I've found no cracks from building on that foundation.

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