Thursday, February 25, 2016

The sweet hand of God

His name is Richard.

He came by the church today looking for help.

He's an ex-con, covered in tattoos.  He's Hispanic.  He spent over a decade in prison for robbery.  He's been stabbed and beaten in prison as gangs battled each other.

Richard got out of prison 11 months ago.  He's working, rebuilding his life, but he hit a wall today and came to our church asking for help, looking for money.

The sweet hand of God was all over our encounter.  

I asked Richard if he knew the Lord. He admitted that he didn't.  

It was clear that this dear soul has had a very difficult life.

We helped him with his need.  I gave him a booklet that he told me he would read.  And he left.

What will happen next?  I have no idea.  But I'm praying for Richard that he would trust Christ as his savior, that he would hunger for God.

He didn't come here by accident.  This wasn't just a beggar looking for bread...this was someone Christ died for and the sweet hand of God blessed me with the opportunity to help him and pray for him.

Lord, save Richard.  You love him more than I could ever know.  Touch his heart, draw him to you, and with your sweet gentle hand show your grace and love for him.

And thank you for letting me be part of your amazing work!  How wonderful that you would let me pray for Richard!  Thank you.

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