Thursday, February 23, 2012

I wish....

This morning, as I awoke in the wee hours, I thought, "I wish....." It was a wish for money to meet some of the needs I had been thinking about as I awoke. Needs we have, needs I see in other lives, needs I see for missionaries, for pastors in other countries, for kingdom stuff....the needs just overwhelmed me in the night and I awoke with this thought, "I wish I had a million dollars..." I'm sure your first thought is why didn't I ask for $100 million, but my brain doesn't work that way. I just wanted to address the needs that were bringing me into the conscious world. I wish.... it's a frequent thought of ours, isn't it? I wish I had, if only....and with those thoughts we envision all we would do if only.....

Then this thought came to was from another place...."you do have that and more, just ask me." And with that thought from the one who owns everything I suddenly realized I already have all I need and much more! It's available for withdrawal with a simple prayer. How do I forget that? How do I get so focused on the things of this world that I lose sight of the fact that my father has all I ever need and more?

Suddenly my thought, "I wish...." changed to "Lord, would you...." and the feeling of hopelessness that comes with a wish evaporated in the presence of a listening, loving father who wants me to trust him and wants to meet my needs.

I wish I would remember that the God who loves me awaits my request for the needs of my life and the lives of those that burden my heart. Who needs three wishes when the God of creation longs to reveal himself through my trust in him?

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